• The historical formation, transformation and transfer of the traditional sports games of the Eurasian nomadic peoples to other cultures;
  • The military structuring of nomadic peoples in the world and the emergence of sports games;
  • The role of ethno-pedagogy in the development of ethnic sports of nomadic peoples in the world;
  • The role of folk medicine and traditional nutrition in the development of sports games of nomadic peoples in the World;
  • Reflection of traditional sports games on the art of cultures in the World;
  • Reflection of traditional sports games in written sources, folklore and literature of cultures in the World;
  • The rebirth of ethnic sports games in Turkish peoples and their relatives in Central Asia, the Balkans and the Caucasus;
  • The scope of the etymology- terminology, rituals, evolution / transformation, national characteristics, meaninglessness, cultural aspects and functions of traditional games and sports in the world.

Participation Requirement

Symposium is open to any scholars and professional who has an interest in traditional sports and games research field. It is free to attend.

Synposium Language

Turkish, Kyrgyz, Russian and English.

Important Dates

Application open between

October 20 -November 20

Deadline for accepted manuscript submission

November 16-18

Program Announcement

26 Kasım / Novemver 26

Symposium Date

November 29-30

 Autor Guideline for Writing

  1. In the head the full text, there should be an abstract in English or Russian which should consist of at least 150 words (Title, author name and surname, abstract and keywords respectively)
  2. You must turn in the registration form along with your writing and an abstract.
  3. In the manuscript, the title in bold, under the tittle is author name, at the bottom of the first page is authors name(s) in order.
  4. Manuscript must be minimum 4 and max 15 pages.
  5. Writing style must be Cambria, 11 font, 1,8 cm space on the right-left and the top-bottom of the paper in a word document, and 0,75 cm pharagraph and double space.
  6. Reference must be given in text (etc, Turkmen, 2019: 24)
  7. References must be given at the end in alphabetical order (if it is book, author SURNAME, name, book tittle; if it is journal, journal name in quotes, location and date)
  8. Tables and graphics must be numbered and written in 10 font with detail and/or references.

Maximum time for presentation: 10 min



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